In our search for comfortable seating arrangements, we are usually torn as to if we should buy a sofa bed or a futon. There are certainly advantages for choosing either of these options much of which depends on price, style, and the reason for wanting the furniture.

Consider Your Needs

It is important to first consider your needs when deciding between a sofa bed and a futon. If you are furnishing a studio, a futon might be more attractive rather than having a mattress. A lot of people find sleeping on the futon to be comfortable and they can also be converted back to a couch form if you need your guests to sit on them. On the other hand, some people prefer to sleep on a sofa bed, though some of these are not so comfortable to sleep on especially the lower priced ones. Apart from this sofa bed are very heavy to move, you might need to consider this if you are moving to a new place or you can’t get delivery. Whether you purchase a fold out sofa bed or a couch that can be converted to a sleeping space, you will likely find both of these are good choices for small spaces where the living room is also the bedroom.


A lot of people consider price when they deciding between buying a sofa bed and a futon. Lower priced futons are usually less expensive than sofa beds; it is important to know that lower prices may mean that the frame is poorly constructed. The most common complaint about cheap futons is that the frame tends to break very easily especially if it is made of wood and it is converted from bed to couch more often. Another complaint with inexpensive futons is that the mattress is often relatively hard and thin which may not be too comfortable for long periods of sleeping or sitting as the case may be. In order to buy better-made futons with larger and softer futon pads, you will have to spend more. Once you do this, the difference in price between a sofa bed and a futon may not be significant. When you are buying a futon go with the one that has an all metal frame as they tend to hold up better than those made with wood.

Aesthetic Value

The aesthetic value that the furniture adds to the area it is placed sometimes determines the choice of what furniture to buy more than the price. Futons tend to evoke a minimalist look, though there are some fanciful ones. Sofa beds tend to provide slightly more comfortable seating and the seating configurations may be wider. For either of these two, there is the availability of different fabrics and sometimes washable covers that can make them very decorative.

Ultimately, the decision to buy a sofa bed or a futon lies solely on an individual’s needs and budget, but remember that there are alternatives to buying these pieces of furniture new. There are people who are willing to sell a good quality sofa bed and futons for cheaper prices you would pay for new ones.

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